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hazelnut at home

Hazelnut at Home will not be available Saturday August 7th. We will be hosting a private event.

Call us at 607-387-4433 to place your order. Ordering in advance is recommended, as the kitchen can get busy at times and we may not be able to accomodate your requested time. Thank you.

hearty corn soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, sf, gf, v)

tomato soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, sf, df, gf, v)

cauliflower soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, sf, df, gf, v)

grilled perisan cucumber salad with oven roasted tomatoes & bell peppers, shaved red onions, oregano vinaigrette $12

served cold (nf, sf, df, gf, v)

roasted pork belly with heirloom tomatoes, smokey tomato sauce, shredded romaine, basil aioli, grilled focaccia $10

(nf, sf)

blueberry salad with tat soi, kohlrabi, pickled fennel, lime ginger vinaigrette, black pepper creme fraiche, candied walnuts $10

served cold (v, sf, gf)

roasted beets & nectarines with oregeno, cumin, toasted pistachios, shaved radish $10

served cold (v, sf, gf, df)

cheese & charcuterie served with chutney & pretzel bread

choose 3 for $17 or 5 for $22

blue yonder, moochego, pimento, kunik, short rib rillettes, shaved guanciale, mushroom pate

chicken salad dinner for two with parker house rolls, pickles, caesar salad $25

fully cooked, served ready to ear at home (let us know about your dietary restrictions)

beef burger with heirloom tomato, red onion, romaine, garlic aioli, herb focaccia roll, french fries $14

served hot (nf, sf)

mushroom carolina gold rice with garlic scape relish, brown butter hazelnuts, summer herbs $23

served hot or cold (v, sf, gf)

roasted pork loin with summer squash "pasta", oven roasted cherry tomatoes, pickled blueberries, salsa verde $25

served hot or cold (gf, sf, nf, df)

pan seared sea scallops with creamed corn medley, grilled stone fruit, pepper jam, dried vanilla dust $30

served hot or cold (gf, nf)

ny strip steak with fried cauliflower, dukkah, red wine jus, garlic aioli $27

served hot (sf)

let the kitchen decide: enjoy a thoughtfully designed entree by our chef $25

served hot or cold (nf, sf)

2 links of housemade pork sausages (16oz) $5 (gf, nf, sf)

flavors available: blueberry tarragon

sauteed summer vegetables served cold (16oz) $5 (df, gf, nf, sf, v)

jar of pickled vegetables (8oz) $3 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

blistered shishito peppers with aioli $5 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

french fries $5 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

parker house rolls (4 each) $2 (nf, v, sf)

flower power greens (8oz) $5 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

august moon spa hand sanitizer (4oz) $4.50

pint of housemade ice cream $6

flavors available: none at this time

hazelnut butter cake chocolate hazelnut ganache, salted caramel ice cream $6

(v, sf)

beignets with powdered cardamom sugar, lime roasted blueberries, chai ice cream $6

(v, sf, nf)

stonefruit sundae with vanilla ice cream, miso butterscotch, sweet corn streusel $6

(v, gf, nf, sf)

chocolate zucchini cake with cherry compote, chocolate olive oil drizzle, almond & cocoa nib brittle $6

(v, sf, df)

gluten free (gf), vegetarian (v), seafood free (sf), dairy free (df), nut free (nf)

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