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hazelnut at home

Call us at 607-387-4433 to place your order. Ordering in advance is recommended, as the kitchen can get busy at times and we may not be able to accomodate your requested time. Thank you.

cucumber gazpacho $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, sf, gf, df, v)

roasted spring radish soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, sf, gf, df, v)

strawberry basil soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, sf, gf, df, v)

fried calamari with chow chow, sweet n' sour, cilantro $15

served cold (nf)

lamb meatballs with yogurt, persian cucumber salad, feta, spiced bread crumbs, mint $15

served hot or cold (3, 2oz) (nf, sf)

buttermilk biscuit panzanella salad with strawberries, pickled rhubarb, candied almonds, basil vinaigrette, asparagus, mozzarella $10

served cold (v, sf)

cheese & charcuterie served with chutney & pretzel bread

choose 3 for $17 or 5 for $22

blue yonder, moochego, spicy garlic sausage, shaved lomo, mushroom pate

two link of housemade mushroom sausage (4oz) $6

served fully cooked, cold, ready to re-heat at home (nf, df, gf, sf)

fried braised pork shoulder rillettes dinner with mashed potatoes, mustard gravy, charred snap peas $25

dinner for TWO, served cold, ready to re-heated at home (nf, sf)

charleston gold rice risotto with pickled rhubard, onions, spring radish, broccoli raab $10

served cold (nf, v, sf, df, gf)

beef burger with sauteed onions, moochego, bbq, romaine, onion focaccia roll, french fries $14

served hot (nf, sf)

canestri with asparagus, roasted mushrooms, parmesan, green garlic pesto, preserved lemons, spring onions & garlic, crushed pistachios $23

served hot or cold (v, sf)

pan seared atlantic halibut with charred spring onions, salsa verde, roasted mushrooms, green garlic broth, preserved lemons $26

served hot or cold (gf, nf)

bbq chicken with yellow corn grtis, broccoli raab, balsamic roasted strawberries $23

served hot or cold (gf, sf, nf)

ny strip steak with french fries, red wine jus, garlic aioli $27

served hot (gf, nf, sf, df)

let the kitchen decide: enjoy a thoughtfully designed entree by our chef $25

served hot or cold (nf, sf)

sauteed fennel, snap peas, broccoli raab, onions, garlic served cold (16oz) $5 (df, gf, nf, sf, v)

mashed potatoes $5 (gf, nf, sf, v)

ceasar salad $5 (nf, sf, v)

parker house rolls (4 each) $2 (nf, v, sf)

jar of pickled vegetables (8oz) $3 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

french fries $5 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

simple side salad (8oz) $5 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

august moon spa hand sanitizer (4oz) $4.50

pint of housemade ice cream $6

flavors available: strawberry rhubarb, marshmallow peanut butter

hazelnut butter cake chocolate hazelnut ganache, salted caramel ice cream $6

(v, sf)

rhubarb oat crisp with vanilla ice cream, benne seed brittle $6

(v, gf, sf, nf)

strawberry shortcake with buttermilk ice cream, sour clover $6

(v, nf, sf)

chocolate sorbet sundae with marshmallow, peanut butter drizzle, cocoa nibs $6

(v, gf, sf, df)

gluten free (gf), vegetarian (v), seafood free (sf), dairy free (df), nut free (nf)

victorine de chastenay cremant d'bourgogne sparkling pinot noir rose $17

sheldrake point muscat ottonel (ny) $18

table de sumar albarino (spain) $18

buttonwood riemer block riesling (ny) $15

weis semi-dry riesling (ny) $15

san pietro pinot grigio (italy) $13

round pond sauvignon blanc (ca) $25

rhiannon syrah/barbera (ca) $13

clos bellane cote du rhone (fr) $16

barter & trade cabernet sauvignon (ca) $18

heart and hands pinot noir (ny) $19

scinniri nerello mascalese (italy) $18

chateau lestage darquier bordeaux (france) $20

iuli barbera (italy) $18

sheldrake point rosé (ny) $13

redbyrd orchard still starblossom (ny) $12 (550ml)

redbyrd orchard still barrel (ny) $15 (750ml)

myer farm bourbon (ny) $27 (375ml)

myer farm lavender vodka (ny) $33 (750ml)

tequila & soda $5 per can

gin & tonic $5 per can

spicy lemonade vodka $5 per can

old fashioned $7 per can

blue point imperial sunshine blonde ale $6 per 12oz can

lucky hare upper class wit of the year belgian $6 per 16oz can

garrett's brewing # almost pale ale $6 per 16oz can

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