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hazelnut at home

Call us at 607-387-4433 to place your order. Thank you.

cranberry & rosemary butternut squash soup $6 (16oz)

served hot or cold (nf, sf, v, df, gf)

vanilla celery root soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (v, sf, gf, nf)

kale, grilled cabbage & ham soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, df, gf, nf)

spicy rutabaga soup $6 (16oz)

served cold (nf, df, gf, v, sf)

butternut squash galette with fried sage, blood orange drizzle, pickled red onions $10

served hot or cold (nf, sf, v)

croque madame with smoked ham, moochego bechamel, fried egg, fruit brioche, pickled vegetables $11

served hot or cold (nf, sf)

grilled carrots with white bean hummus, chamoy, candied almonds, shaved red onions, mint $15

served cold (sf, df, v, gf)

cheese & charcuterie served with chutney & pretzel bread

choose 3 for $17 or 5 for $22

blue yonder, kunik, moochego, lomo, lemon, dill & coriander sausage, mushroom pate

canestri with grilled chicken & onions, roasted red peppers, riggie sauce, parmesan, bread crumbs $23

vegetarian option available (v, nf, sf)

served hot or cold (nf, sf)

spinach & mushroom wellington with root vegetables, rutabaga puree, caramelized onions & apples $20

served hot or cold (v, sf, nf)

pan seared sablefish with potato chowder, roasted fingerling potatoes, crispy potato straws, blood orange vinaigrette $26

served hot or cold (gf, nf)

ny strip steak with french fries, red wine jus, garlic aioli $27

served hot (gf, nf, sf, df)

let the kichen decide . . . enjoy a thoughtfully designed entree by our chef . . . the entree will be revealed upon pick up. $22

served hot or cold (sorry we are unable to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies for this entree)

housemade spicy italian sausage(2 4oz links) $8 (gf, nf, df, sf)

bbq pulled chicken served cold (16oz) $12 (gf, nf, df, sf)

ham salad served cold (16oz) $10 (gf, nf, df, sf)

sablefish croquettes with tartar sauce, coleslaw served cold (3 balls) $9 (nf)

jar of pickled vegetables (8oz) $3 (gf, nf, df, v, sf)

braised red cabbage served hot or cold (16oz) $5 (df, gf, nf, v, sf)

roasted potato hash with bacon, pickled peppers, onions, kale served hot or cold (16oz) $5 (df, gf, nf, sf)

august moon spa hand sanitizer (4oz) $4.50

pint of housemade ice cream $6

flavors available: malt chocolate chip

hazelnut butter cake chocolate hazelnut ganache, salted caramel ice cream $6

(v, sf)

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting $6

(v, sf, nf)

ginger cake with benne seed streusel, apricot sorbet, creme fraiche, honey $6

(v, sf, nf, gf)

chocolate almond tart with shortbread crust, almond crunch, sweet ricotta, tart cherry jus $6

(v, sf)

strawberry yogurt parfait with lemon creme, roasted strawberries, orange poppyseed granola $6

(v, gf, nf, sf)

gluten free (gf), vegetarian (v), seafood free (sf), dairy free (df), nut free (nf)

rhiannon syrah/barbera (ca) $13

boundary breaks cabernet franc (ny) $19

marine dubar sauvignon blanc (france) $16

gobelsburger gruner veltliner (austria) $13

san pietro pinot grigio (italy) $13

buttonwood riemer block dry riesling (ny) $15

weis semi-dry riesling (ny) $15

victorine de chastenay cremand d'bourgogne sparkling pinot noir rose $17

sheldrake point riesling bubbles (ny) $14

sheldrake point rosé (ny) $13

redbyrd orchard still starblossom (ny) $12 (550ml)

myer farm bourbon (ny) $27 (375ml)

myer farm lavender vodka (ny) $33 (750ml)

lime tequila soda $5 per can

mango margarita $5 per can

elderflower vodka spritz $5 per can

gin & tonic $5 per can

spicy lemonade vodka $5 per can

old fashioned $7 per can

manhatten $7 per can

two goats brewing hector logger $7 per 16oz can

lucky hare brewing curtain up hazy ipa $7 per 16oz can

garrett's brewing my island red ale $6 per 16oz can

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Hazelnut at Home
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